On 18-11-2009 at 00:33:02 Tjerk Meesters <tjerk.meest...@gmail.com> wrote:

The problem of modifier scope is difficult, unless you can introduce
syntax like this:

(php:foo()) + foo/bar

Braces around the modifier code would define the scope, but this is
still error prone if you decide to have something like php:foo('(hi')
in which the brace count would screw up unless you do tokenizing.

I've got tokenizer (in PHPTAL SVN already), so this is doable. The only problem I see is getting custom modifiers to define their tokens and grammars somehow (or I'd have to assume they're compatible with some PHP-like grammar).

To be honest, to solve the <option> problem I just add a selected
attribute in my option list and add "selected exists: row/selected"
which works fine, no need to pass two variables into phptal.

Yes, that's a good solution, but I think the other way is also valid.

regards, Kornel

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