Kornel Lesiński wrote:
That is possible currently:

function phptal_tales_fullname($expr)
    foreach(explode(',',$expr) as $subexpr) …
Fair enough, that's exactly how I approach some custom modifiers currently. I agree that building it (parameters) into the PHPTAL core only saves a few lines in a custom modifier's code.

But that's a separate modifier. What I'm talking about is modification of the default path: modifier (which is the default). The goal is to free users from having to write many modifiers, especially for common and trivial cases, and to provide something generic and intuitive instead.
Agreed, that would be nice - especially since some existing TAL expressions become a bit hard to read (and to maintain after a while).

Should PHPTAL come with dozens of built-in modifiers?
Nope, that's agreed!

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