On 26-11-2009 at 09:14:14 Werner <li...@mollentze.co.za> wrote:

That is possible currently:

function phptal_tales_fullname($expr)
    foreach(explode(',',$expr) as $subexpr) …
Fair enough, that's exactly how I approach some custom modifiers currently. I agree that building it (parameters) into the PHPTAL core only saves a few lines in a custom modifier's code.

I'm not sure if we understand each other.

I don't see how improved TALES would shorten custom modifiers' code, especially in this case. It would either eliminate some completely (things like compare:), or not change them at all (you'd still parse your own syntax).

Agreed, that would be nice - especially since some existing TAL expressions become a bit hard to read (and to maintain after a while).

Could you give an example?

regards, Kornel

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