PHPTAL has been accepted as official PEAR package!

The good things:

* It's been reviewed by PEAR team and they'll be keeping eye on package's quality. * It's got access to facilities, like bug tracker, roadmaps, releases archive, official installer, etc. I haven't prepared PEAR releases yet, but you can start using bug tracker now:
* It will be hosted in SVN repository.

The bad news is that PEAR requires renaming of package from just "PHPTAL" to "HTML_Template_PHPTAL", which means change of all class names!

Since I'm not too keen on having 3 times longer class name prefix, I've decided to use PHP 5.3 namespaces (PEAR2 package) for official PEAR releases. In PHP5.3 you can hide those long prefixes by aliasing namespaces.

Of course I realize 5.3 isn't available to everyone yet, so I'm going to keep current backwards-compatible distribution maintained in parallel until PHP 5.3 becomes commonplace.

Questions? Suggestions?

regards, Kornel

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