On 12/01/2009 12:46 PM, Kornel Lesiński wrote:

PHPTAL has been accepted as official PEAR package!

Good work!

The good things:

* It's been reviewed by PEAR team and they'll be keeping eye on
package's quality.
* It's got access to pear.php.net facilities, like bug tracker,
roadmaps, releases archive, official installer, etc. I haven't prepared
PEAR releases yet, but you can start using bug tracker now:
* It will be hosted in php.net SVN repository.

The bad news is that PEAR requires renaming of package from just
"PHPTAL" to "HTML_Template_PHPTAL", which means change of all class names!

Since I'm not too keen on having 3 times longer class name prefix, I've
decided to use PHP 5.3 namespaces (PEAR2 package) for official PEAR
releases. In PHP5.3 you can hide those long prefixes by aliasing

http://www.pirum-project.org/ might then be of interest :)


Of course I realize 5.3 isn't available to everyone yet, so I'm going to
keep current backwards-compatible distribution maintained in parallel
until PHP 5.3 becomes commonplace.

Questions? Suggestions?

Tarjei Huse
Mobil: 920 63 413

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