Hi all,

I have a Tale looking sort of like this

$code = '$foo = new Foo(); $foo->bar(\'waldo\'); $foo->gimmeQuux();';
return $code;

While this was working like a charm in PHPTAL 1.1.x, it generates
parse error in 1.2.x, have checked the compiled templates and seems
that now everything is wrapped in a phptal_tostring() call, so the
compiled code looked like this

phptal_tostring($foo = new Foo(); $foo->bar('waldo'); $foo->gimmeQuux();)

which is a no-go for PHP parser.

Checking the PHPTAL sources I was not able to find any single way, how
a string of "multiple expressions" (having at least one semicolon)
being returned from a Tale would work in current PHPTAL versions.

Is there anything I'm missing or do I need to refactor my stuff to be
able to work just as one expression (e.g. 


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