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We needed these custom namespaces to use this "widgets" on our "translation texts". For example, we have a form that user enters a range data. And we want to show this form elements like that:

between <select name="foo">.....</select> and <select name="bar">......</select>

And this value changes in Turkish like that:

<select name="foo">....</select> ile <select name="bar">....</select> arasinda

As you see, we can't translate word by word because of their sorting change. Also these select boxes must be dynamic and translated. And we don't want to store big html content, tal attributes or data structure in our translate texts.

This is solved problem! You don't need prefilter for this at all.

<p i18n:translate=""> between <select i18n:name="start" name="foo">.....</select> and <select i18n:name="end" name="bar">......</select>

will give you:

between ${start} and ${end}

and then translation like:

${start} ile ${end} arasinda

will work just fine.

regards, Kornel

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