On 9 Feb 2010, at 11:00, Marco Pivetta wrote:

> Isn't it simpler to build it with an <ol> and just some CSS? Table layout is 
> not that good for calendars to me :\

<table> is, semantically, the best choice for a calendar. You have logical 
columns with days of week and logical rows with weeks. 

A list would be inappropriate, as it would lose connection between headers and 
data, and in screen readers it would be more difficult to navigate – you 
couldn't easily jump to same day next week for example.

As for building calendar with PHPTAL, I think you could use range() to build 1d 
array of days of the month, then array_unshift() number of days in the 
beginning to make 1st start on appropriate day of the week, array_chunk(,7) to 
split it into weeks, and append count%7 days at the end.

Then in PHPTAL it would be straightforward 2 tal:repeats.

regards, Kornel

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