Hi list,

A few years ago I wrote some C++ tools to extract strings from
templates, generate .po files, merge .po files and build static
templates using these po files

Everything worked like a charm and I still use a fork of this work to
handle some of my haxe templates internationalization (without i18n
attributes since I was bored of using them:).

You will find the code here :


And I think I already posted some documentation about these tools on this list.

Feel free to use, modify, port to php, etc :)

Best regards

On 10 April 2010 13:21, Florent <floc...@free.fr> wrote:
> Robert Goldsmith <rgoldsm...@...> writes:
>> As part of my integration into Zend Framework, I wrote a replacement
> translator service for phptal. you
>> basically just write a class that implements PHPTAL_TranslationService and
> then when you create the
>> phptal instance you call its 'setTranslator' method and pass in an instance 
>> of
> your class.
>> I assume that the translator service is not actually called at compile time -
> only at runtime. Obviously if
>> you use something like Zend you can make use of memcache to hold the
> translation keys in a cache (which works
>> very well) but translating static text at compile time (if it doesn't already
> happen) would require
>> deeper modification of phptal.
>> As an aside, I also make use of Zend's plural support and use a custom tales
> modifier to pass in the
>> translation keys for singular and plural and then the variable with the value
> used to decide on the actual
>> key to use. It works very well for me :)
>> Robert
> Hi Robert,
> Gettext translation being already loaded in memory, I suppose there's not much
> difference calling gettext method rather than fetching variables from memcache
> or other shared memory system.
> When it comes to complex templates, I assume it would save some memory
> and CPU cycles to have a already translated static template at run time.
> I presume that indeed there's heavier work as some part of
> phptal has to be rewritten.
> Maybe Kornel could advise on what would be the best entry point
> to modify phptal behaviour?
> I also read on that thread :
> http://lists.motion-twin.com/pipermail/phptal/2005-October/000479.html
> that laurent, the initiator of phptal project did some work on
> what i'm trying to achieve.
> Wouldn't be some interesting way of improving phptal in futures evolutions?
> Thanks in advance for your input guys.
> Cheers
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