Laurent Bedubourg <lbedubo...@...> writes:

> Hi list,
> A few years ago I wrote some C++ tools to extract strings from
> templates, generate .po files, merge .po files and build static
> templates using these po files
> Everything worked like a charm and I still use a fork of this work to
> handle some of my haxe templates internationalization (without i18n
> attributes since I was bored of using them:).
> You will find the code here :
> And I think I already posted some documentation about these tools on this 
> list.
> Feel free to use, modify, port to php, etc :)
> Best regards
> Laurent

Thanks for that Laurent, I'd like if possible to have your input regarding
what would prevent PHPTAL to translate strings at parse time.
I'm not sure to have the right global vision on the way the core does its
business, so I'm not really aware about all problems that could results on
and what would prevent PHPTAL itself to do such a thing instead that using
an external tool for that
(except the time needed to rewrite concerned parts! :) ).


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