I just noticed that the templating engine is not displaying the content of
my <meta/> tags in this piece of code:

<tal:block metal:define-macro="field">
    <field tal:attributes="name fieldname">
        <meta tal:repeat="meta php:metadata[fieldname]" tal:attributes="name
repeat/meta/key" tal:content="meta"/>
        <value tal:content="php: row[fieldname]"/>

tal:attributes and tal:repeat are working, but tal:content is not even
fired! I've tried with tal:content="php:var_dump(meta)", which should
directly write to the buffer, but it still doesn't work.
Is that an expected behaviour? Is "meta" a reserved xml tag?
Is it related with the document type (XML+XHTML) that I've set? Do I have to
switch to XML only?
Thank you in advance for any suggestions :)

Marco Pivetta - Ocramius Aethril
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