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Just a quick one. Could someone tell me how to reference a variable defined within a metal macro from within a slot?

You can't. Slots aren't filled on demand, but in advance before the macro is called (slot in a loop would repeat the same content over and over).

In particular, I'd like to define a macro that generates a calendar grid of days and then use a slot to provide varying content to be rendered within the 'day' cells. I am trying to do this as a macro accepting an array and looping through the array content. This works fine but when I then try to split out the cell content into a slot, I receive errors that I can't access the current loop value (or, by my understanding, any other variables defined within the metal macro) from the slot.

A quick (very simplified) example...

The macro block (in macro.xhtml):
        <table metal:define-macro="calendarMonthGrid">
                        <tal:block tal:repeat="currentDay days">
metal:define-slot="calendarDayContent" />

You could change:

metal:define-slot="calendarDayContent" />


metal:use-macro="${calendarDayMacro}" />

And instead of filling slot, define macro for day:

<span metal:define-macro="dayMacro" tal:content="currentDay/someInterestingInfo" />

<tal:block tal:define="days monthDays; calendarDayMacro string:thisfile.xhtml/dayMacro" metal:use-macro="macro.xhtml/calendarMonthGrid">

regards, Kornel

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