On 13.05.2010, at 05:04, Cameron Junge wrote:
> I was thinking recently that it'd be quite nice to allow PHPTAL_TALES
> to be objects, with all the goodness of objects.
> By this I mean:
> * self contained - a TALE and supporting functions are encapsulated;
> * can be hinted - ie. could hint that a TALE is already structured, so
> don't need to use the "structure" modifier
> * inheritance - a TALE could be extended to modify it's output
> behavior, but share core functionality
> * other possibilities
> I'm not sure how feasible this is, but I thought I'd throw it out
> there & see if anyone else had any ideas on this.
> I don't know if it'd be difficult to implement, just seemed like a
> nice feature for PHPTAL.

Yes, that is a good idea. Ideally I'd like PHPTAL to generate abstract syntax 
tree rather than PHP source directly, which would allow unescaped TALES and 
optimisations of generated code. This is however a big change, so I'm 
refactoring code gradually to make it possible.

You're welcome to join and help!

regards, Kornel

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