For me it is exactly the other way around :)

When I return true in PHPTAL_Php_Attribute_METAL_FillSlot::shouldUseCallback(), 
my actual template works fine!
Returning false (and so disabling the optimisation) breaks the result.

It is the same with beta and the latest svn.

So maybe you should always use callbacks / optimisation?

Thanks so far!

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On 25-06-2010 at 09:57:12 Per Bernhardt <> wrote:

Thanks. That's a great example. I've turned it into a test case - and it passes 
in the SVN version, but it may be just because the test is short.  
There's optimisation that turns "large" slot fills into callbacks to save 
memory and improve "streamability" of documents.

Try changing
and see if that "fixes" the bug.

regards, Kornel

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