On 9 Sep 2010, at 22:24, Bas wrote:

> Ok, thanks. I use it for sending a newsletter, but I would 
> be better off using XHTML rendering mode then?

Either mode should "work" as far as HTML in email clients "works" (PHPTAL's 
XHTML mode is backwards-compatible with text/html parsing). 

In case of e-mails DOCTYPE unfortunately doesn't trigger standards/quirks mode 
reliably, e.g., latest Outlook will completely screw it up no matter which mode 
you choose :(

> I think this 
> doctype (<!DOCTYPE html>) is giving a lot of email clients 
> a lot of trouble, they seem not to recognize the doctype as HTML 
> and render in text mode instead.

That's strange. It shouldn't be needed, because multipart e-mails have 
Content-Type header that declares which part is HTML and which is text. Are you 
sure you have headers correct?

I've checked few e-mails in my inbox, and some don't even have DOCTYPE.

regards, Kornel

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