I would love to see this feature, too!
Was it no positive feedback or no feedback at all?
Do you think it is hard to implement? Does it break backwards compatibility?
I would be willing to help with the implementation...


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An: Template Attribute Language for PHP
Betreff: Re: [PHPTAL] Logical operators in PHPTAL

2010/9/29 Kornel Lesiński <kor...@aardvarkmedia.co.uk>

        On 29 Sep 2010, at 06:33, romtek wrote:
        > I'd like to be able to use a bit more simple logic in my templates. 
Being able to use AND, OR, and NOT would be good. E.g. 
tal:condition="event/featured AND event/upcoming", tal:condition="NOT 
event/featured AND event/upcoming"
        > I remember there was an activity to extend the library to make PHPTAL 
more expressive. What's happened to that?
        I've asked about this on the mailinglist and didn't get positive 
feedback, so the feature got shelved.

I remember that it was received sufficiently well. If you have some time and 
desire to implement these features, then I think you should, Kornel.

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