> So when using HTML5 mode in PHPTAL I need to wrap all values in quotes but in 
> output I get them without quotes. Isn't it additional work for parser to 
> remove quotes even when they are permitted in HTML5?

PHPTAL has HTML5 *output* mode. Input is always XML (I haven't gotten around to 
writing HTML5 parser yet).

PHPTAL doesn't output markup you write. It reads markup into abstract tree 
(DOM) and then from that syntax-less tree generates PHP code that generates new 

Input is completely separated from output. This is similar to the way browsers 
process markup (e.g., code in innerHTML doesn't retain any syntactical details 
from your page source).

In current implementation decision to generate quotes is taken at compile time, 
so there's absolutely no penalty at run time. It might even be microscopically 
faster, as template code ends up few bytes shorter :)

regards, Kornel

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