and how can I solve this if I want to use it in my tal:repeat?

e.g. for a Client, who has (potentially) multiple "invoices"

<tr tal:repeat="client clients">
<td><span tal:repeat="invoice client/invoices">${invoice}<tal:block 

this works fine if I retrieve all invoices before, but can I do it without  
looping through all clients in PHP first, if I'd have a function 
getInvoices($client_id)... ? 

Friday, June 18, 2010, 3:56:23 PM, you wrote:

> On 18-06-2010 at 14:46:13 GRolf <> wrote:

>> let's say I have a query that will fetch employees from a table. every  
>> row has a field "department_id".

>> when looping through this array in my template, is there a way to call a  
>> "callback" function that will fetch the department's name from an other  
>> table?

> PHPTAL automatically calls methods in TAL expressions. If you use ORM it  
> should be quite simple, e.g. if you have Employee object that has  
> getDepartment() method that returns Department object:

> <li tal:repeat="employee employees"  
> tal:content="employee/getDepartment/name"/>

> Alternatively you can call PHP functions using php: prefix in expressions:

> <li tal:repeat="employee_row employees_array">
>    <tal:block tal:define="department  
> php:get_department_row(employee_row['department_id'])"  
> tal:content="department/name"/>

> -- regards, Kornel

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