Kornel Lesiński <kor...@...> writes:

> On 30-09-2010 at 15:45:46 Per Bernhardt <p...@...> wrote:
> > I would love to see this feature, too!
> > Was it no positive feedback or no feedback at all?
> http://lists.motion-twin.com/pipermail/phptal/2009-November/001967.html
> > Do you think it is hard to implement?
> It requires writing a mini compiler with parser that supports operator  
> priorities. Maybe a bit more complex parser if it were to support php:  
> modifier well.
> I've got basic parser already.
> > Does it break backwards compatibility?
> It would break compatibility with TALES paths that use spaces, but I  
> presume those are very rare, and could be worked around by using  
> "/foo/${string: part with spaces }/bar".
> > I would be willing to help with the implementation...
> Great!
> I think the next step would be to work out syntax exactly:
> http://phptal.org/wiki/doku.php/improvedtales 

Hm, that page mentions a lot more than just logical operators. I guess that’s
what the negative feedback was about, not logical operators inside 

The main difference between PHPTAl and other template engines is that the syntax
is quite simple and that the templates look "clean". IMHO, function calls and an
equivalent to the ?: operator would add unnecessary complexity to PHPTAL and
spoil exactly what makes PHPTAL unique and great. Support for logical operators
inside tal:condition, on the other hand, would make the php: modifier more or
less unnecessary.


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