aaatoja wrote:
<a tal:attributes="href helper:url(array(), 'xxx')">xxx</a>


<div tal:condition="helper:acl('Member')" tal:content="structure helper:action('xx', 

i have used it to and sometimes it is quite handy. only down side is that you must remember to change "/" into "."

<h1 tal:condition="helper:test('test', user/id)">TEST</h1> will give error
<h1 tal:condition="helper:test('test',">TEST</h1> will work
<h1 tal:content="helper:getUserByid(1).username">TEST</h1> will work to

can somebody tell me why is change of separator necessary in frst place?

that aside, i do not think that logic expressions are any way "more evil" than using helpers that way.
so +1 to implementing AND and OR.

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