I was wondering if bug described by me in this message http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.php.phptal.general/1447 was fixed? I've searched in changelogs but found nothing about it.

Piotr Kroczyński

W dniu 25.10.2010 01:14, Kornel Lesiński pisze:
I've finally managed to get PHPTAL 1.2.2 out of the door.

I've deliberately kept changes to minimum, so if you've been using beta, it's 
safe to upgrade.

The new cool toy in this release is HTML whitespace compressor. Just add this 
to your sites:

$phptal->addPreFilter(new PHPTAL_PreFilter_Compress());

and you'll get smaller HTML output. The prefilter will carefully remove all 
useless whitespace from the document and sort attributes to further improve 
gzip compression (you're gzipping all your pages, right?)

Since it's a prefilter (run once), it doesn't slow down page generation at all!

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