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Thanks for hinting to that method.

Actually it can be just right way to follow fully-OOP framework like Kohana.

Please don't do it. OOP just for sake of OOP is pointless.


as I understand it will affect ALL phptal object instances available in
What about concrete phptal instance, is it possible to affect only one of
them somehow?

It's not possible. Singletons, despite OO, have all the downsides of global functions.

However, so far I haven't found this to be a problem in real-world applications, so fixing this is far down on my list. I'm happy to accept patches fixing this.

If you were to write setModifier() function, I suggest naming it setModifierCompiler() or similar. That should make it clearer to new users that modifiers generate PHP code, rather than returning value immediately.

Callback could take object that has ->compileTalesExpresssion() rather than $nothrow argument like it does now. That would eliminate another global dependency on phptal_tales().

regards, Kornel

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