When using gettext within php, tools like "poedit" are able to parse the php 
source code to generate a list of all messages that have to be translated.
Is there anything similar for phptal and it's i18n features?

We thought about it and it looks like a parses could easily be written:

- Any translation is within a tag with a "i18n:translate" attribute on it
- Nested translations are forbidden
- Only "i18n:name" is allowed within translations, so all other markup and any 
tal:repeat or the like are stripped

So as long as you don't use any <tal:block i18n:translate="${hack}" /> you 
could find those tags, replace i18n:names with ${placeholders} and strip all 
other markup from their content to generate a complete list of messages from 
any / all templates (We therefor would recommend to disable the ability to use 
${} within i18n:translate. It's just sending you down the wrong path...).

So, we have two questions:

1. Is there anybody who already solved this stuff?
2. If not, does anybody have any hint why this approach won't work?

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