Marco Pivetta wrote:
I'm not sure that should get in another library
thats exactly why i haven't asked before :)
Couldn't you override that Doctrine_Record behaviour?
well no,
if it is not set, and record has that relation, doctrine loads it. but it is not set before it is actualy loaded

Marco Pivetta
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2010/11/22 Ivo Võsa < <>>

    seams like today is feature request day :) so here goes mine.

    I'm using phptal with Doctrine ORM.
    Unfortunately Doctrine and phtpal have different understanding
    about what exactly isset means.
    So every time i upgrade phptal i have to apply this little patch.

    How do you feel about adding it?

    I see two potential issues with it
    1. maybe it should be configurable and not enabled by default
    (queries behind it could be expensive, so it might not be always
    2. currently $nothrow dosn't work (should be easily fixed with
    try/catch block)


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