Hi everyone :)

I'm pleased to announce the 1.0.0 release of Ztal, available here:


Ztal is a 'glue' framework that integrates PHPTAL and all it's wonderful 
goodness into Zend Framework as a replacement for the Zend_View class and 
Zend_Form class. You can read more on the website but here's a quick summary:

ZTal provides the glue that allows Zend Framework to use PHPTAL templates as 
Views and Layouts while also allowing PHPTAL to access Zend Framework’s 
Translation facilities. In particular:

        • ZTal replaces Zend View and Layout objects with PHPTAL equivalents.
        • ZTal has macros to render Zend_Form and other common Zend objects 
such as Zend_Date and Zend_Currency.
        • ZTal has access to Zend_Translate, unifying translation support.
        • ZTal handles PHPTAL translation namespaces where they are not 
supported natively in Zend_Translate.
        • ZTal provides plural support to PHPTAL’s translation capabilities.
        • ZTal can use Zend_Cache to cache rendered PHPTAL pages.
        • ZTal provides a Zend_Mail subclass to use templates with email.

We are still working hard on the documentation but we have an example web site 
setup and the source code is all PHPDoc'd. An introduction and a tutorial 
explaining the example web site setup are available on the website although it 
is aimed more at Zend people new to PHPTAL rather than vice versa :)

I hope everyone finds what we are doing interesting and, of course, comments 
welcome :)

Robert Goldsmith
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