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On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 6:06 PM, Robert Goldsmith <rgoldsm...@names.co.uk>wrote:

> Hi everyone :)
> I'm pleased to announce the 1.0.0 release of Ztal, available here:
> http://opensource.names.co.uk/ztal/
> Ztal is a 'glue' framework that integrates PHPTAL and all it's wonderful
> goodness into Zend Framework as a replacement for the Zend_View class and
> Zend_Form class. You can read more on the website but here's a quick
> summary:
> ZTal provides the glue that allows Zend Framework to use PHPTAL templates
> as Views and Layouts while also allowing PHPTAL to access Zend Framework’s
> Translation facilities. In particular:
>        • ZTal replaces Zend View and Layout objects with PHPTAL
> equivalents.
>        • ZTal has macros to render Zend_Form and other common Zend objects
> such as Zend_Date and Zend_Currency.
>        • ZTal has access to Zend_Translate, unifying translation support.
>        • ZTal handles PHPTAL translation namespaces where they are not
> supported natively in Zend_Translate.
>        • ZTal provides plural support to PHPTAL’s translation capabilities.
>        • ZTal can use Zend_Cache to cache rendered PHPTAL pages.
>        • ZTal provides a Zend_Mail subclass to use templates with email.
> We are still working hard on the documentation but we have an example web
> site setup and the source code is all PHPDoc'd. An introduction and a
> tutorial explaining the example web site setup are available on the website
> although it is aimed more at Zend people new to PHPTAL rather than vice
> versa :)
> I hope everyone finds what we are doing interesting and, of course,
> comments welcome :)
> Robert Goldsmith
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