Am 17.12.2010 17:06, schrieb Robert Goldsmith:

> I hope everyone finds what we are doing interesting and, of course, comments 
> welcome :)

I used my own implementation of a phptal view in zend for some time but
decided to switch to ztal yesterday. my implementation was based on a
Zend_View_Interface, so i could not use view helpers... i hope i can use
them now.

My comments so far:
* in dispatchLoopStartup() of the action plugin you should not hardcode
  the file extensions. i use .html instead of .xhtml so i have
  to modify your code. Same thing with _currentModuleTemplatePaths().
  I use "templates/" instead of "scripts/" because i see the xhtml
  files not as scripts... i again have to hack your code. would be nice
  to have two options for this (or do not set them at all, this can be
  set up while bootstrapping).
* your translation service should trim the key before using it. we
  often use something like this:
  <td i18n:translate="string: MSG_MSGCTR_m022">MSG_MSGCTR_m022</td>
  where a space before the key improves the readability a lot. but
  your service cannot find the key in this case.

But nice code so far!
Thanks for sharing.

 MfG, Christian Welzel

  Fingerprint: 4F50 19BF 3346 36A6 CFA9 DBDC C268 6D24 70A1 AD15

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