Hi again everyone :)

Currently, the Ztal form macro for rendering Zend_Form objects is fully 
translation-enabled but this is a bit of a problem if someone wants to use it 
without translation support. I can think of 2 possible solutions to the problem 
and wondered what people think and whether there are other ideas out there :)

Idea 1: Create a fake translation class that doesn't actually translate and 
which is registered if translation is disabled.
Idea 2: Use conditionals to check if translation is enabled and have translated 
and non-translated versions of all elements within the macro.

Obviously idea 1 is 'neater' for the templates but it prob. decreases 
performance a bit and I consider it a hack. Idea 2 is more 'pure' but would add 
a lot of bulk to the macro templates as well as more additional work.

What do people think?


p.s. Thanks Kornel for the reply on trimming :)
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