> I am pretty new PHPTAL, and Zend Framework, but was happy to run accross 
> ZTal.  How do you get ZTal to use hyphenated view names (e.g. 
> product-description.xhtml) instead of the CamelCasing it currently does?

Ztal doesn't use hyphenated view names. Honestly, I really don't understand why 
Zend Framework does when it is so very strict with camelCase naming elsewhere. 
However, along with the different extension, the use of camelCase specifically 
highlights the templates as being not ZF view php files and allows both 
Ztal/PHPTAL templates and ZF view php files to co-exist in the same view folder 
structure. This is especially useful during migration as you can simply turn 
Ztal on and off and compare output etc.

Regarding a repository of useful tales, I'd be keen to see a (maybe optional) 
download from the PHPTAL site with a collection of well written common tales 
both to help developers writing their own and to provide a lot of convenient 
functionality. The lack of some basic abilities will, I'm sure, be putting 
people off of PHPTAL unnecessarily :(

> Of there is another problem I am having, in Zend Framework, if you don't want 
> something to render, all you have to do is put this in it's action method, 
> however, I am finding this doesn't work at all now since moving to ZTal can't 
> figure out why:
> function exampleAction(){
>         $this->_helper->viewRenderer->setNoRender();
>         print "Hello world.";
> }

This mailing list really isn't the best place to discuss Ztal in detail but I'd 
suggest if you tried to do this in the example app and it didn't work the 
reason is that the layout is still rendered even when you request the view not 
to. You can separately request the layout not to render as well or, if you 
prefer (e.g. for debugging), just exit() from within the action method (which 
will prevent rendering of any output and flush the current output buffer out to 
the browser).

Anyone interested in further discussion of Ztal can usually find myself and the 
other Ztal developers in the #ztal irc channel (as mentioned on the ztal 
website) during uk working hours :)

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