On 04/14/11 08:42, Robert Goldsmith wrote:

>> I am pretty new PHPTAL, and Zend Framework, but was happy to run accross 
>> ZTal.  How do you get ZTal to use hyphenated view names (e.g. 
>> product-description.xhtml) instead of the CamelCasing it currently does?
> Ztal doesn't use hyphenated view names. Honestly, I really don't understand 
> why Zend Framework does when it is so very strict with camelCase naming 
> elsewhere. However, along with the different extension, the use of camelCase 
> specifically highlights the templates as being not ZF view php files and 
> allows both Ztal/PHPTAL templates and ZF view php files to co-exist in the 
> same view folder structure. This is especially useful during migration as you 
> can simply turn Ztal on and off and compare output etc.
I believe the change came in ZendFramework 1.5, they use to allow
camelCase script names, you can still use a filter to get it.  Funny
enough, I ended up changing View.php to allow me to turn on and off
Ztal's naming conventions via the application.ini file.  Now that I am
thinking about it, perhaps the naming convention should have been
handled using the Zend_Filter_inflector, this way, I could have
overridden it in the same manner, without having to edit Ztal's code at

> Regarding a repository of useful tales, I'd be keen to see a (maybe optional) 
> download from the PHPTAL site with a collection of well written common tales 
> both to help developers writing their own and to provide a lot of convenient 
> functionality. The lack of some basic abilities will, I'm sure, be putting 
> people off of PHPTAL unnecessarily :(

I would love to have somewhere, I could go and see if someone already
created one.  I remember someone doing a toHTML, and a nl2br in the
mailing list.

>> Of there is another problem I am having, in Zend Framework, if you don't 
>> want something to render, all you have to do is put this in it's action 
>> method, however, I am finding this doesn't work at all now since moving to 
>> ZTal can't figure out why:
>> function exampleAction(){
>>         $this->_helper->viewRenderer->setNoRender();
>>         print "Hello world.";
>> }
> This mailing list really isn't the best place to discuss Ztal in detail but 
> I'd suggest if you tried to do this in the example app and it didn't work the 
> reason is that the layout is still rendered even when you request the view 
> not to. You can separately request the layout not to render as well or, if 
> you prefer (e.g. for debugging), just exit() from within the action method 
> (which will prevent rendering of any output and flush the current output 
> buffer out to the browser).
> Anyone interested in further discussion of Ztal can usually find myself and 
> the other Ztal developers in the #ztal irc channel (as mentioned on the ztal 
> website) during uk working hours :)
> Robert
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