I am writing a Pre Filter, using filterDOM, to locate all elements
that contain an i18n:translate attribute.  These elements extracted
from the DOM, wrapped in an element that contains information about
the translation, eg the token used to look up the translation and any
i18n:name attributes that may exist, and then the wrapper is inserted
in its place.

Goal (in case this sounds crazy to you):

Working on a "point and click" translation editor, allowing users to
simply click on the appropriate UI element to activate a WYSIWYG for
that particular translated item.


I'm so far unable to find documentation on or figure out how to get
standard PHPTAL attributes, eg "tal:attributes" to evaluate after
they've been inserted by the Pre Filter.  I've got pretty much
everything working, but this is was I'm currently ending up with:

<translation variables="" tal:attributes="token string:account" language="en">

where as I want it to look like:

<translation variables="" token="account" language="en">

Relevant Code:

foreach(...) {
$new_attrs = array();
$new_attrs[] = new PHPTAL_Dom_Attr("variables","",implode(",",$vars),"UTF-8");
$new_attrs[] = new PHPTAL_Dom_Attr("tal:attributes","","token
$new_attrs[] = new PHPTAL_Dom_Attr("language","","en","UTF-8");

$wrapper = new 

Thank you in advance for any input.

Darrell Hamilton,
Software Developer,
4over, Inc

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