I'm trying to get Google Website Optimizer working on my site using
PHPTAL, and I ran into a couple of big problems. I'm hoping somebody
else has already figured this out or can point out some solutions I'm

1) Google wants to verify that their code is installed correctly on my
page before I can continue with the setup. They're very particular, to
the point of complaining about the "// <![CDATA[" I inserted between the
opening <script> tag and the first line of their tracking code. Leaving
out the CDATA causes a complaint when "if(i>-1)" turns into

2) They do this insane thing with unbalanced tags. To create an
experiment that alters the main page header, for example: 
    <h1>Buy This Product!</h1>
and they go so far as to say "Don't worry about the unbalanced
</noscript> tag -- this is part of the setup."

I'll be SO grateful for any suggestions!

Jason Pollentier

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