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On Sat, 28 May 2011 12:59:48 +0100, webNet <web...@webnet.katowice.pl> wrote:

I created our own class 'class implements ZendPhpTalCsvTranslate PHPTAL_TranslationService' drawing on PHPTAL_GetTextTranslator.

The problem is that when you call <span i18n:translate="login or email"> Login </ span>

you receive an error message

'An error occurred
Exception information:

Message: Unable to find variable 'login or email' in current scope

i18n:translate takes expression, just like tal:content would (this is to allow translation of dynamically generated text).

<span i18n:translate="string:login or email">

Thank you, yesterday I discovered my erroneous code conversion PHPTAL, with dynamic text substitution. I read not too closely documentation. My mistake.

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