>From the source code I can see that I'm able to use modifiers like
if my class named className implements PHPTAL_Tales.

What is bad here is that:
1. I have multiple classes implementing phptal modifiers (for better
2. Their names are long

*Q1.* Is it possible to register class names to be looked for modifier
static methods?
So I do not have to write tal:content="className.modifierMethodName:
expression" but only "modifierMethodName: expression".

I found that I can use PHPTAL_TalesRegistry->registerPrefix(), but if I have
300 modifiers and I need only
few ones on each template - I would not register all them at once. Makes

*Q2.* Can this [potential] dynamic search for modifier implementors also
work with php class autoloading?
Any ideas?

So the final usage would be something like:

U1. Declare calls with static methods, maybe even phptal_tales_<modifier>
U2. Call
'myClass2', ...));
U3. Use my modifiers in templates, having php autoload in place.


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