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It would be possible to call output() first and pass the results to PHPTAL, but this way also widgets, which are not visible in the current template (maybe because of some tal:condition would have to be rendered.

You could also use ${widget/output} instead of ${widget}.

Lack of exceptions in __toString() is an annoyance, but that's PHP's rule. Even if it's worked around in PHPTAL, will you want workaround everywhere? Will you change every echo and cast to an explicit call? Then you don't really use __toString — why implement it at all?

If anything, I'd rather add _phptal_toString() or such, that doesn't forbid exceptions by design. Otherwise you have magic method that you don't want called magically…

You are right. But same here: If the solution is that simple, why not build it in? Unfortunately there are still servers out there with such old php versions.

Let's give them another reason to update seriously outdated—and likely insecure—software.

regards, Kornel Lesiński

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