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I've been working with PHPTAL for quite some time, and have always been annoyed that from within the template an object's __get method was being ignored. I think I've tracked down the bug (in version 1.2.2, though it still present in trunk).

The scenario: an object, exampleObject, implements __isset, but returns false (exampleVariable is not set). exampleObject also implements __get, and returns something that isn't NULL.

In PHP it's *not possible* for isset() to return false on something that exists and has non-NULL value. I think __isset() and __get() emulate behavior of isset() and $obj->property, so if you have something equivalent to:

if ( ! isset($obj->prop)) echo $obj->prop;

I think it's illogical or buggy. You're saying it's not set, but then you expect it to be set anyway.

If you have lazily-loaded properties, then you should simply return *true* from __isset() for such properties.

regards, Kornel Lesiński

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