I think I understand what you are saying. The easiest way to do this would be 
if 'idoffer' is the key for the second array (so you have an array of key/value 
pairs with the idoffer as the key and name as the value). Then you can 
effectively ask 'give me the value for this key I am giving you or, if the key 
doesn't exist then please give me a default value'.

Imagine the following:

$jobOffers = array(
        array('idOffer' => 'a', 'name' => 'AAA'),
        array('idOffer' => 'b', 'name' => 'BBB'),

$otherArray = array(
        'a' => array('name' => 'AaAa'),
        'c' => array('name' => 'CcCc'),

        <tr tal:repeat="offers jobOffers">
                <td tal:content="offers/name' />
                <td tal:content="otherArray/${offers/idOffer}/name | string:no 
match;" />

The important part here is the ${offers/idOffer} part which is replaced by 
PHPTal *before* it then tries to access the value from otherArray. For the 
first loop through, offers/idOffer is equal to 'a' so PHPTal tries to access 
otherArray/a/name which succeeds while on the second loop through it tries 
otherArray/b/name which doesn't exist so PHPTal moves on to the next option in 
the value chain (using the | character) and instead picks up the string 'no 

I hope this is what you were trying to do :)

If you need something more like 'in_array' where you need to hunt through the 
values in otherArray to find a match you will need to write a Tale but I'd also 
question the efficiency of doing that and would suggest trying to use array 
keys where possible :)


On 28 Jun 2011, at 15:38, Teis Lindemark wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to use PHPTal and so far, I like it. It’s great to separate php code 
> and the xhtml code.
> One of my list need some data from two arrays. I have one array array1 that I 
> use tal:repeat=”offers jobOffers” and find the content like this: 
> tal:content=”offers/name” for example. One of the columns in the table have 
> the data in another array, with two columns idoffer and name. The first array 
> also have idoffer (offers/idoffer). But what I need here is that 
> otherarray/name is placed in the row where offers/idoffer and 
> otherarray/idoffer is equal.
> I can’t figure this out and have been stuck here for a while.
> Hope someone can help me with this one.
> Teis
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