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If my template code contains an unterminated HTML element (e.g. <img
src="stuff.jpg">, <br>, etc.), PHP interpreter takes minutes to process a
request and display an error message. And while doing that, it consumes lots of CPU and RAM. Could this be improved?

That definitely shouldn't happen — PHPTAL throws exception as soon as it finds an error and that takes milliseconds.

Do you have your own exception handler? If PHP terminates on max execution time, where does it stop?

A related request: considering that the web technology has shifted away from XHTML, it would be cool if PHPTAL wasn't as strict on XML requirements as it is now. E.g. it would be very convenient if some HTML elements, such as img, br, hr, didn't need to be terminated.

There's HTML5 output option already. Input parsers are be replaceable. You can write HTML one if you want :)

regards, Kornel Lesiński

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