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(sorry for late reply, I've originally sent that e-mail from wrong account!)

I still want to help and finish translation of phptal documentation to
russian language (previously started and done 40% of chapters or so).

I see php introduced very good online tool to do such things:

If it is opensourced, maybe you can setup it so we all can help to translate phptal documentation?

PHP's tool looks like a quite complex beast. I think DocBook is too
complex to maintain already, and instead of piling more tools to deal with
it, I'd rather get rid of DocBook and switch to something simpler, e.g.

To do this, I need:

* tool to convert DocBook to Markdown (or HTML to Markdown):

* tool to generate multi-page HTML with code syntax highlights from
Markdown (existing scripts might be reusable:

Any volunteers?

regards, Kornel

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