Thank you for the input on the macro parsing.  I'm not sure what I did wrong
the last time I tried, but I was able fix up my prefilter to successfully
pull out the metal attributes.

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2011/8/19 Kornel Lesiński <kor...@geekhood.net>

> On Fri, 19 Aug 2011 07:08:22 +0100, Darrell Hamilton <darre...@4over.com>
> wrote:
>  Even with a tool like PHPTAL, the array templates for extremely dynamic
>> sites can become difficult to manage, from a designer's point of view.
>>  So, my thought was to use prefilters to modify the rendered markup, dumping
>> information about the original tal markup.  Then, adding a javascript
>> based (greasemonkey maybe?) inspection tool that would reveal things such as
>> "what translation key generated this block of text" or "what macro did this
>> block of html come from", giving designers, even developers, the ability to
>> simply look at the site and click on the region they want to modify and be
>> told
>> exactly where to find it's source.
> That's a cool idea!
> I think it could be easily implemented by modifying PHPTAL to leave TAL
> attributes in the generated markup.
> In Element.php in separateAttributes()
> } else if ($this->xmlns->**isHandledNamespace($attr->**getNamespaceURI()))
> {
>                $talAttributes[$attr->**getQualifiedName()] = $attr;
>                $attr->hide();
> }
> if you remove $attr->hide(), then PHPTAL attributes will remain in the
> document.
>  Anyway, the i18n attributes were easy to deal with using a prefilter;
>> however, I came to find by the time the prefilters are triggered, all
>> macros have been evaluated and placed inline, making it impossible to
>> determine
>> what macro each block of markup belongs to.
> No, macros are not inlined at compile time. Macro definitions are changed
> into functions: metal:define-macro creates function definition,
> metal:use-macro is a function call. If macro is in another template, then
> that template is loaded at run time as a separate file in a new PHPTAL
> object.
> Anyway, prefilters are given access to template as-is, before PHPTAL starts
> messing with it.
> --
> regards, Kornel
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