I have been thinking for months on this issue and tried several things,

One is within codeigniter, creating an assetmanager controller class and
use its action to navigate the design time url to runtime url ... The code
is most bottom of this message. And note that I didn't like and use it,
because it uses ugly redirect command for each url, but in theori it is

Other theory is using server shortcuts for runtime url access. It is better
than using redirect command but it needs server configuration, and not an
ellastic solution especially you need to create multiple template based
projects require new templates and assets folder dymamicly created

The last trick which I so far desided to use is using ${imagepath} as the
forlder name. So in design time, or while opening directly template html
file, for example an image tag
<img src='${imagepath}/image1.png'>. In windows, I can make my image assets
folder name as ${imagepath} and it works in linux server... This always
works except dreamweaver design time for in css files like this example
definition   .style1 { background:url(${imagepath}/image1.png)} because of
the braces inside braces.

Above them are still ugly solutions for me.

What I dreamed soluiton is that, enhancing phptal dom capability to read
the attrybute values in templates and to set them for runtime working. So
that our desing time url, special-folder-name-for-assets in <img
src="special-folder-name-for-assets/icons/ico.png"> will output like
"application/views/special-folder-name-for-assets/icons/ico.png". Yet, this
does not solver urls in css files. But does a lot of ugly work as well as
other dom operations. It would be very nice if enhancing phptals dom
capability using phpquery <http://code.google.com/p/phpquery/>.

#Apache Configuration
  ServerName ....
  DocumentRoot "..."
  DirectoryIndex index.php
  *Alias /images

//Assetmanager Class
class Assetmanager extends Controller {
    function __construct() {
        //prepare global page tal data
$this->tal->base_url = base_url(); //'${base_url}';
$this->tal->tpl_path = $this->tal->template_repository;
$this->tal->assets  =  $this->tal->template_repository . '/${assets}';
$this->tal->tpl_full_path = base_url() . $this->tal->template_repository .
$this->tal->globalpage = 'layout_main.html/globalpage';

 function template_assets($path) {
//echo $path . '<br />';
//echo $this->uri->uri_string . '<br />';
//echo $this->uri->ruri_string() . '<br />';
 $target = $this->tal->template_repository . $this->uri->uri_string;
//echo $target;
 //header('Content-Type: image/jpeg');
//echo file_get_contents($target);
 function global_assets($path) {
echo 'Target file not found: ' . $this->uri->uri_string;
 //print_r('application/views/default' . $this->uri->uri_string());
//redirect('application/views/default' . $this->uri->uri_string());
//header('Content-Type: image/jpeg');
//echo file_get_contents('application/views/default' .
//redirect('application/views/default' . $this->uri->uri_string());

On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 10:00 AM, romtek <rom...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> The nature of the development approach that I use is that paths to
> resources (images, CSS and JS files, etc.) relative to the template files
> during design time are different from those during run time. (I have
> templates in a separate folder, but my web app runs as index.php in the
> root folder.)
> I like to see preview of a page I work on in Design view of Expression Web
> or Dreamweaver, and so in order to have images, etc. point to proper paths
> during design time and also during run time, I do something like this in my
> templates:
> <img tal:attributes="src
> string:${resourcesDir}/shared/images/menu_bar.jpg"
> src="../../resources/shared/images/menu_bar.jpg" />
> This increases workload, makes code less readable, and is error prone
> during modifications.
> How do you, guys, deal with this issue, if you do? Maybe there's a trick
> that I haven't thought of. I've tried using <base> element, but Dreamweaver
> ignores it, and Expression Web messes up my code. By the way, this problem
> isn't limited to those who use PHPTAL but, apparently, is also shared by
> some of those who Code Igniter (and, I am sure, other frameworks that
> require a structure of folders):
> http://codeigniter.com/forums/viewthread/94591/#478998
> Roman
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