Hello :)

Ztal is actually a separate project to PHPTal so you should really be either 
asking in the ztal irc channel or posting an issue to the ztal github project. 
However, to answer your question ZF2 has only just gone public beta and, I 
feel, has a significant way to go before being stable enough for development of 
Ztal support. Of course we are always keen for people to contribute and as Ztal 
is developed as a side-line to our main work if you have the time to approach 
the integration with ZF2 that would be very cool :)

I admit I have hardly had the time to look at how the Zend_View and plugin 
architecture has changed in ZF2 but i suspect that not a huge amount has 
changed. The biggest effort will most likely be a review of whether there are 
more efficient ways to load Ztal into ZF2 than the current method - Ztal 
originally used the oft-explained Action Helper setup to load the rendering 
engine but we found this to be quite a performance hit and so quickly opted for 
the plugin route. Maybe things have changed again and there are new options or 
old options that are no longer such a performance hit that we could take 
advantage of :)

Robert Goldsmith

On 9 Nov 2011, at 13:34, Piotrek Rybaltowski wrote:

> Hi,
> Since Zend Framework 2 has its Zend_View class changed to some PhpRenderer, 
> ZTal class from Namesco is not compatible anymore.
> Have any of you developers here tried to connect TAL to ZF2 already? Any idea 
> how to do it best according to ZF2 patterns?
> Thanks,
> Piotrek
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