2012/6/7 Hash <mr.h...@gmail.com>:
> Hi, PHPTAL 1.2.2 running with euc-jp works fine under php 5.3 but outputs
> blank with php 5.4 because htmlspecialchars skips processing if the detected
> input encoding is not the same as specified (or the default utf8 which is
> the current behaviour).

How about using expression modifier to convert to utf-8?

<p tal:content="eucjp2utf8:your/variable">non ascii text here</p>

Though euc-jp is better encoding before spreading utf-8, currently it
becoming obsolete around modern PHP community. PSR-1 specifies to use
only utf-8 with MUST level. See:

If you have so much existing non utf-8 htmls or you have some reason
to output with euc-jp I prefer to use pre/post filters. They can do
anything your text nodes and can convert the result from internally
used utf-8 to euc-jp to output.

Of course I also research. :)

Hisateru Tanaka

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