Bas Kooij <kooybas@...> writes:

> Hi, 
> The manual says on expression chains:
> While evaluating expressions separated by '|', PHPTAL will stop its 
> evaluation when an expression value is not null and no error was raised 
> evaluating the expression.
> However, whenever one of the expressions evaluates to boolean 
'false' (not 
> null) PHPTal will skip the expression and move on to the next. So the 
> following expression chain would evaluate to true:
> "null | false | true"
> Is the documentation incorrect or is this a bug in the expression chain?
> Kind regards,
> Bas Kooij


Would it be possible to write a custom expression modifier that would 
emulate this behaviour. So a modifier that would return 'false' for the 
following expression:

null | false | true

I'm having problems getting this to work, especially since it would have to 
work for an expression like the following too. Which I would like to return 
false(the 5th in the chain):

object/callMethodForNonExistingObject | array/elementNotSet | array/
elementIsNull | object/returnsNull | object/returnsFalse | default

I've tried for hours now, but can't seem to get a working solution.

Kind regards,
Bas Kooij

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