Hi all,
I have one installation question. Hope you guys could help me to figure it out.
I am trying to install PHPtest manually. As to the MySQL section, after configuring the config.inc.php, I ran the index.php,
the message is "Parse error: parse error in /export/www/geometry/phptest-0.6.3/include/mysql.inc.php on line 46

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: cdatabase in /export/www/geometry/phptest-0.6.3/include/h.inc.php on line 36"
What does this mean?
The line 36 in h.inc.php is // instantiate database class
    $db = new cDatabase;
The 46 line in mysql.inc.php is  $this->db_username = geometry;
But the username is correct.
So what should I do?
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