check your paths in your config. Sounds like after login it cannot locate the path

"Steve Jacobs (IDEAL Group, Inc.)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Dear all,

We are new to this list.

We installed phpTest last night. All seems to work well with one exception.

1. When we try to login as admin we get a, "page cannot be found" error.
2. When we hit the back button on our browser to try it again we found that
we did, in fact, log on successfully. All of the controls are now visible to
3. If, after getting the error message we try and to "refresh" our browser
window we still get the error message.
4. If, after getting the error message we try and refresh our browser we
still get the error message. We clicked on the back button immediately after
refreshing the screen and are taken back to the login screen.

Can anyone tell us what why this is happening and how to correct the
situation? Thanks, in advance, for any responses.

Many thanks!!!


Steve :-)

Steve Jacobs, President
IDEAL Group, Inc.
2809 Bohlen Drive
Hilliard, Ohio 43026-9012
United States
Phone: (614) 777-0660
TTY/VCO: (800) 750-0750
Fax: (614) 259-0013

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