It think phptest is one of the nicest test programs I've seen. I don't think it would take much to make it more robust. As I said we've used it for 3 years and except for the problem I've described and a few minor hiccups, it's been great. This year the students really hammered on it. My results table had more than 300,000 records in three days. They started getting a table full error. I dumped the data and emptied the table and everything started back up again, so that problem could be eliminated by running a cron job to shutdown the database, clear the table, and restart (or maybe) increase the table capacity? As for users getting the wrong results, it may just be because I am still using mysql Perhaps, this would not happen with 4.x.

I am going to look at the drupal quiz program to see if it will meet my needs. If not, I would be willing to work with others to add the functionality, security, and power that phptest needs to make it an "industrial strength"
quiz program if others are interested (Dan? Donna? Others?).

What we are seeing here, though, is, I think, is part of a larger problem. As educators want to move beyond the syllabus dispensing and class roster managing functionality of Blackboard, WebCT, etc., we need to return to the concept that these applications are not just database-backed web pages requiring nothing more than facility in page design and rudimentary sql. Rather, they are complex pieces of software engineering that require expertise in database management, system administration, security, etc. It is hard to persuade managers and others who make the budgets of this when they have been so completely seduced by the false promises of the greedy point and click mongers. So much for preaching to the choir, I know.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Oooh.  I haven't looked at the code, but I wonder if
the code that assigns new result_id's is protected
at all from multiple people submitting at the same

It's kind of sad how phptest has withered.  All the
other online test apps I've looked at are part of
huge packages that are intimidating to install...
- Dan

I agree - its a nice little application - good even for surveys etc.
Some of the other packages are overkill.

But it doesn't look like its maintained anymore. I posted a question a while back and never got anythin g- I wasn't even sure the list was still working.

Well I guess there are three of us on the list -maybe we can revive it a bit.

I never had the test problem Kathleen had - but I never had two people doing it
at the same time... but I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

Please post again if you figure it out or find a work around.




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