Happy holidays, Aaron. Is the drupal quiz module finished? Where is it?
I have been waiting to try it but can't seem to find it.

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I can't do much right now, especially since I'm deployed
However if you add [EMAIL PROTECTED] I'll see whatever help I can offer.
I think the reason why phptest isn't getting much support any more is because of projects such as drupal's quiz module. All we need now is wiki quiz and you won't even be able to find phptest anymore. The reason why I went with phptest in the first place however was due to it being lightweight and simplistic. However the release could be overhauled. It bugs out on install due to the Y2K bug for christs sake. It's a simple fix but for people that don't know where to look and what in the php to change, they consider it broken from the start and probably never even get to any mailing lists.
Anyway, good luck and happy holidays.

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Well as it seems phptest is no longer an active project. I havent seen it even supported in a long time. I have invested way too much time and money into phptest to let it die. Last week I asked if I were to start supporting it with the little knowledge i have would anyone join me? Well i am going to do it. I will be sending around a new private mailing list invitation to  everyone  that said they were interested in  helping  me  with continuing support. You will see a  email  from [EMAIL PROTECTED] inviting  you to to be apart of the new phptest support team. There we can discuss exactly what we can all do. I have a lot of ideas and once i see everyone has signed up i will send out an email to the list. I think we can make this a more powerful script than ever. If Brandon Tallent sees this email and you object please email me. If you are ok with this please send me anything you think that could help us i! n the future.

PS Anyone else want to be apart of the team email me..

Hope you all have a safe holiday


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