Hi, I am a new comer. I really hope that somebody’s going to help me.
When I was trying to find out a timer for phptest, I read a posting from TW-2 about timer for phptest here. TW’s question at that time (Fri, 17 Jan 2003 05:09:29 -0700) was just the same as mine. Here it is the question:

I have a timer function for phptest I'm trying to integrate into PHPTest,
the problem is after the user takes the test and the timer runs out I can't
get the java part to forward to the page and set the $submit variable so the
test will be graded.

Actually TW himself has had answered that question but it seemed like everyone involved in that topic has already had the script before. So, I couldn’t get along with the topic. Has the script published before the room talking about the topic? if it has, where I can find the ‘published script’ before I enter the room? or may somebody help me finding out the information about the timer script? Or does anybody know these names:
TW-2, Brandon Tallent, Kathleen A . Ferraro, Dan Kegel, Wieland Große.
Because they involved on that phptest timer topic but it seems like they don’t exist anymore in this forum.
But if somebody know about how can I get the _javascript_ part (the phptest use _javascript_ for the timer) to forward to the page in order to grade the test. Please, just let me know..



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