AFML, Price UP 17%, Hot news Today!

Entered into a licensing agreement to manufacture metal ceiling tiles
made from Aerometal.

Company: AeroFoam Metals Inc
Symbol: AFML
Previous: $0.12 UP 16.67%
Close Today: $0.14
Volume: 3,116,637

Wow what a day. We told you this company was set to fly.

Investors are looking! 10th most popular request on pink sheets today.
Today's news will push it higher. Don't Wait, set your buy for first
thing Tuesday Morning.

Some will increase print advertising, others will turn to cheaper Google
alternatives. Meanwhile, hospital patients often arrived at a different
location than where their paper files resided.
Martin find his way back into power, therewould likely be a need for
some kind of coalition building with himturning to either Mr.
The Republicans have even paired him with thegoofiest whiteboy in
America, Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie. On Friday,
Google became a "strategic investor" in Xunlei, China's YouTube
Our President, the Great President Bush,stands on a whole other level
when it comes to loving the UnitedStates, freedom, democracy, soaring
eagles, Christianity, patriotism,and not killing babies.
com is rolling one punch after the other as they wrap up the year with
two, possibly three, new major services.

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